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Mar 8, 2022

Entrepreneurship is tough. It takes persistence and dedication to your business, and the truth is not everyone is cut out for it. Being the CEO of a company may seem glamorous, but the reality is that being a CEO involves being in the trenches and doing the work all of the time. In this client spotlight episode, Ramin Ramhormozi and Jason Sealand discuss Jason’s path to entrepreneurship and how he came up with the names Mad Viking Beard and Brutality Coffee. They also discuss the importance of adding value in marketing, owned marketing channels, and  provide tips for entrepreneurs.

Topics Include:

  • Beard grooming
  • Naming a business
  • The path to entrepreneurship
  • Changes in e-commerce
  • Email marketing
  • Adding value vs. chattering
  • Day to day activities of a CEO
  • Deciding if the entrepreneur life is for you
  • Tips for entrepreneurs
  • Knowing your customer
  • Owned marketing channels
  • SMS customer communication
  • And other topics... 

Jason Sealand is the CEO and owner of Mad Viking Beard and Brewtality Coffee. He has an amazing beard and can brew an equally amazing cup of coffee. Jason has raised a substantial amount of money for charities, including the Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. He is always innovating.

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Mad Viking Beard:

Brewtality Coffee:

Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh: