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Mar 29, 2022

If you need help with your email and SMS marketing, you can always visit our site and click on "book a call." Mention the podcast and we’ll hook you up with a free audit worth $850 dollars. In order for a retail business to survive major downturns, it’s best that the business utilizes an omnichannel strategy. This could include operating a brick-and-mortar business while also running an online store. It’s a smart strategy that will keep you in business. In this episode, Ramin Ramhormozi and his wife Jenny Romeyn discuss how she has successfully grown an upscale children’s boutique called Cupcake Couture, Inc. with an omnichannel strategy. They talk about balancing motherhood as an entrepreneur, operating a brick-and-mortar business remotely, surviving downturns, leveraging social media, and more. Topics Include:

  • Omnichannel retail
  • Real estate
  • Balancing motherhood as an entrepreneur
  • Calendar blocking
  • Operating a brick-and-mortar business remotely
  • Opening a store during a pandemic
  • Launching an online store
  • Leveraging social media
  • Social selling
  • Point of sale (POS) software
  • Shopify apps
  • Running reports
  • Transferring inventory
  • Email & SMS marketing
  • Flows
  • Rewards programs
  • And other topics...

Jenny Romeyn owns and operates Cupcake Couture, Inc., which is an upscale children's boutique. Over the course of 17 years, she has opened two brick-and-mortar locations in California and an online store. Her business has survived major downturns, including the recession of 2008 and covid-19 related shutdowns. Cupcake Couture, Inc. has been named the best children’s clothing store and best baby gift store year after year for the location in Santa Rosa and most recently for the location in Napa.

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