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Jul 17, 2022

Many e-commerce businesses find it difficult to master customer retention, and it will only get more difficult with the cookie-less future looming ahead. This is why having strategies in place to increase retention and customer lifetime value (CLTV) is so essential. 

In this episode, Ramin Ramhormozi and Valentine Radu discuss the importance of knowing your numbers in a cookie-less world, strategies to increase customer retention, determining your value, zero-party data, first-party data, and more.

Topics Include:

  • Customer lifetime value (CLTV)
  • Why it’s difficult to master retention
  • Strategies to increase customer retention
  • Why you shouldn’t continue to discount
  • Customer surveys
  • What a cookie-less future looks like
  • The importance of knowing your numbers
  • Zero party data
  • First party data
  • And other topics...

Valentin Radu is the Founder and CEO of Omniconvert, a growth enabler for mid-size DTC eCommerce and retail companies looking to increase customer lifetime value and decrease customer acquisition costs. He is a prolific speaker and a CVO (Customer Value Optimization) evangelist across various stages. A father, husband, and pet parent, Valentin is also the Founder and Instructor at CVO Academy, where he coaches and teaches e-commerce businesses how to scale their brands profitably and sustainably.

Resources Mentioned:

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